To get an idea of what kind of projects I’ve worked on, I’ve comprised a brief list of some completed and some ongoing projects.

*All images and texts are intellectual property, registered to my former company; Wezenberg Services, Netherlands.*

Custom design offer with separate pricing list (Weeldeboer, Netherlands)

The project I’ve spent a lot of my time on was a Visual Basic for Application (VBA) project for a dutch company  that requested a fast and accurate way of generating an offer for potential clients, in search of a dormer. It’s a construction company that provides the service of installing a custom made dormer, pre-fabricated at their workshop. They would then set a date and hoist it up on the client’s rooftop.


A screenshot of (part of) the VBA form

A screenshot of (part of) the VBA form

But In order to make a sale, they needed to negotiate a price for the project, broken down, based on the dormer’s properties. This called for a detailed layout of the requested properties, with corresponding prices. All based on a centralized pricing list.


Extra Options VBA Form

So I devised a protocol for the intake of a dormer-project, a digitized form to input all its properties and programmed an output based on the company’s preferences and conventions.  It required a set of forms that distinguished between the chosen properties and the proposed extra options. The extra options are added for up-selling purposes.

The program consists of several object-oriented Macros hidden under a GUI. It saves all the input information and stores it inside the Excel spreadsheet file. The pricing list is a separate, adaptable .xlsx file. This allows the user to adapt the prices and regenerate the offer based on the new prices without having to input all the information another time.

The project was built from scratch, which required a very close collaboration with the client in order to make it into the current working version. It taught me how to extract the required information to form a product in the image of the client whilst communicating any limitation in either time or code that you might encounter. Some times a function that the client would like to have built in would take many hours to incorporate and they might only use it once a year, which is not going to make financial sense for the client. But by making sure the program is Object Oriented, the adaptability of the code is relatively high and quick amendments can be made on the fly.